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Downloading Consciousness

Consciousness Imagine downloading, copying, recreating-ALL-neural-connections-from your brain into another human brain. Lets assume a perfect copy. Question: Does it transfer your consciousness or not? I mean, will YOU wake up and find yourself into another body? Or will you wake up in the old body and the new one will just be a hard copy of yourself? Answer: I believe that (more about faith than science), recreating all neural connections produces just a hard copy. You will create another independent version of yourself and thus you cannot claim eternal life. Because you cannot move your consciousness, you die as old body does. Your new copy would live according to your memories and reasoning, and nobody will notice that the living one is not you.  

Now, imagine exchanging your brain with another human body. Question: Will it transfer your consciousness or not? I mean, will YOU wakeup and find yourself into another body? Or will you wake up in the old body but with another brain? Maybe you will reason and have memories from the other brain, but it will still be you. Or maybe, your consciousness goes with your brain into the other body and you wake up brand new.   Answer: by transplanting your brain, I believe you can live forever. Consciousness goes with the brain.

If consciousness is in your brain (you brain transplant and it goes together with the brain, remember?), BUT it cannot be copied by re-creating all neural connections (you just create another version of yourself with a new consciousness), question : WTH are we (scientists) missing? What is this consciousness after all? How can we get it? Move it? Download it? Can it be duplicated or not? Can I move it outside the body and still live?  

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The definition of consciousness is a tricky one... what you referred as ' YOU ' is the subjective consciousness experience, that can't never be shared. In other words, no one will ever know if another person is truly conscious. What we can test and observe is conscious behavior, which both entities (original and copy) would exactly share (my guess). So both of you would think the other was the copy.

It's important to mention that we are a system, our brains process the unique signal patterns of our distinct bodies. Transferring a brain to another body will have to take into account this different interfacing. Much like you are used to play an FPS with mouse and keyboard and suddenly you have to do it with a gamepad.

But everything comes down to continuity. Transplanting your brain will not make you live forever, for you are not yourself if not for this very instant.

- - Daniel Monteiro Basso

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hum... if this subjective consciousness experience is brain / body independent, we should be able to " control " two brains at a time. Why not having two bodies that somehow share the their experiences with a owner?

If this is found to be true, it does not seem to be physically plausible. Maybe we have a brain extension on the 5th dimension that we don't see.

Thanks for the info about the unique signal patterns. I was expecting that they were more standardized.

If I get a, say, leg transplant, I suppose I could use it just like my own or pretty similar to it. Then, i guess the question that remains is: what part of the body is needed make the experience after the brain transplant " easier ".

- - Vitor Pamplona

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Sorry for not being more precise: what I meant is that (in my humble opinion) the subjective experience is a direct relation to the mathematical pattern, or physical configuration of elements. So you cannot share a consciousness because the moment you integrate it you are not yourself anymore. You could share fragments of memories, but will never be able to tell that it is not only a recording (something along the lines of the Chinese Room). So YOU cannot control two bodies at once.

You are into vision perception, so you probably read about methods for mapping the retina neurons to their receptive fields in V1. This mapping is needed because as the body develops, the auto organization of the nervous system makes a good approximation on the macro level, but the micro-architecture (not columns, but the receptive fields) is determined with experience.

That means in the beginning you don't know how to play anything, but you start using your given ' mouse and a keyboard ' and you get good at it. It doesn't mean you will not be able to play with a gamepad if the time comes, but you will surely have to adapt (and perhaps you will miss the good ol'times).

So your last question is a very interesting one, and translates to (correct me if I'm wrong) " what is it that really defines oneself? "
I think that is the most subjective thing of all...;)
You have a hierarchy of patterns, the simplest of them are related to motion control and sense perception. Most people would not regard that as very important, but professional athletes, sommeliers or perfumers would disagree.
Well, I'd love to go on, but I got to sleep...;) but this talk made me want to watch ' The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ' again... if during your brain transplant you would have to select a limited set of memories that would remain intact, how would you evaluate them?

- - Daniel Monteiro Basso

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It is hard to say when a memory start and finishes. Selecting parts of the memory is kind of weird for me. Most of my memories are only flashes that does not really make sense for others. I would want to save everything related to my family, although I prefer to save my current reasoning to avoid have to recreate it again in the second body.

Maybe the sense of myself is coupled with this body and I just cannot get rid of. However if I can replace body parts, eventually I will stop being myself.

I guess I should join a philosophy course to know more.:)

- - Vitor Pamplona

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I just watched this fantastic presentation by António Damásio in TEDtalks:

It touches some of the subjects I referred to.

- - Daniel Monteiro Basso

- - Posted in Dec 19, 2011 by

I've always thought I should have been born a girl. If any one out there has figured out this mind transfer technology, and needs a lab rat to test on: I will volunteer to become said rat. So long as I can be a woman in the end all be all of it. Email me:

- - venuscastina77

- - Posted in Aug 27, 2012 by

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