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Code of Conduct

Make sure challenges are your daily routine.

No pain, no gain.
Always choose the most
dangerous and painful path.
That's where the most
interesting rewards are.  

Make sure you are doing.
Not wondering, not talking
and, specially, not leading.
Never manage. Never mentor. Never teach.  
Leadership is a natural consequence
of what you do. Your hands-on time.

Prefer trial and error to planning.
Never predict.
Never follow plans.
Never execute strategies.
Predictions are wrong.
Plans blind you.
Strategy is a guess.

Do not negotiate, ever.
Be always crystal clear.
Life is too short for silly games.  
Believe me,
People always pay their debts,
consciously or unconsciously.  

Books lie.
99% of them are overpriced,
useless, time-consuming, and boring
essays enclosed on beautiful sales-driven covers.

Seek fairness, not advantage.
Do good. Share. Be generous.
Trust and be trustworthy.
The true winner is the one
who leaves no losers back.

People don't change.
Do not try to convince,
defend or argue with anyone
about proved or unproved beliefs.
Go ahead, give the example.
If you are right, others will follow.

Forget God.
If there is one, he cannot help  
Religion is not about him, it is about you
You decide your fate.
Make him proud.

Learning is an everyday requirement.
Your maximum score of yesterday
must be your minimum score today.
Don't forget to report that to yourself.

Nobody cares about what you say.
What you envision or what you want for the future.
People will only understand
when they see you doing it.  

Prototype every idea.
Be agile and steady.
If you hear your heart,
you are doing things right.

An idea that starts with a discussion
ends at the same discussion.
An idea that starts with hard work,
ends in the hall of fame.  

Be anti-disciplinary.
You are not a computer scientist.
You are a fucking human.
Mean it.  

The world is too big
Too scary
Too awesome.
Keep migrating.  

Never pay attention to critics.
Positive or negative.
Epic people cannot judge epicness
Not epic people cannot judge.

Never go back home.
Never downgrade.    
Never create roots.  
Always move up.
Attach yourself to actions or people,
never to places or visions.

Don't look for a place to establish,
to be free, to be amazing.
Be that place.
You have in yourself more awesomeness
Than any place in the world.

But stay grounded.
Always remember where you come from.
You are not better than anyone else.  

So, stop reading this.
Be it.
Whatever you are doing,
Just make it epic.

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Loved! Keep creating.

- - Lawrence

- - Posted in Feb 3, 2012 by

Muito bom. Gostei.
Parabéns pelo sucesso.

- - Christian Abreu

- - Posted in May 3, 2012 by

- - ALDO

- - Posted in Nov 29, 2012 by

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