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An On-line Life

 Would you choose to remove your brain by the age of 50, put it inside a life support machine and connect it to the on-line world as it is so that you can live up to 200 years?

Our lifetime is limited by the gradual aging of our body cells. Unless we figure out a way to invert or stop the process, to re-create our bodies, or to communicate with cyber machines; there is no way of extending life. There is, though, a profitable and compelling situation in which we do not need to deal with the problems that an uncontrolled environment, such as our real life, can create over life extension technologies, such as cyber machines. One could transform people's current dangerous life into a safe surveillance environment.

Let's say a company can connect your brain to the internet. You can type, hear, see, think and work on the digital world. Your brain will be physically extracted from your body, which will be divided and used in transplants across the country, and placed inside a brain repository. It will be safely kept on their brain storage center until your brain dies from natural causes. The repository is filled with nutrients which guarantee an extension of 100 years on your lifetime. This is not a simulated reality. It is the same free network everybody is already connected into, with all services there. It is also not a second life experience. Just like with your current means, you can create avatars in many environments and games as you want.  

The system allows you to create social network profiles, to talk with your real family over VOIP and to see them through video conferences. You have several options to work: you can become a researcher, developer, security guard, writer, journalist, lawyer, artist, engineer, driver, business officer, and many others. You money is real. You can conveniently buy virtual or real stuff, for you or your family, and have them delivered directly. Since the costs of your life support are minimum (9.99 dollars / month), working from the system is extremely profitable.

Entertainment is mind-blowing. You can visit any part of the earth, any time. 3D Movies are streamed in full HD. Gaming is real-time, since you do not have the 0.3 seconds sensing-impulse delay of your body.

You are still living and you remain conscious of your acts. Your material property remains under your control. Your mistakes or attitudes to break the law will be solved in the usual manner. If you fail to prove your innocence, you will be taken into a protected network, without contact to the virtual or material world and remain there while you fulfill your sentence. A few regular visits are allowed.

The government offers a free subscription for all retiring individuals over 50 years old. You will continue living without raising your personal and public health costs. You will receive 50% of your usual pension. When you die, your living wife or husband will receive your retirement salary as usual. Homeless, orphans, individuals with physical disabilities, prisoners receive 50% to 100% discount according to the need.

The program is subsidized by all governments on Earth since it is the last humankind response to decrease the consumption of natural resources and avoid the destruction of its own species.

Will you subscribe?

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